My Take.....

I created these little tunes in celebration of and in support of the Oregon Ducks! The first was created following the season leading up to the 1995 Cotton Bowl....The words for the original version were written on the plane coming home from Tucson following the Arizona victory in November - what a game! ...and there were a couple variations of that song - with the "Fiesta 2001" version being the last. 

Living in North Carolina and being a DUCK has it's advantages...[DUCKS everywhere! ] Spreading the Duck gospel at the Southeast Outpost of DUCK NATION....At the same time and as a result, "Autzen's The Place To Be" and "OREGON Boogie" each have a southern "red hot blues" flavor to them.....Click on the images to listen to each song....And don't expect to hear the "Next American Idol"... smile.

Just havin' a little fun, support of my school and favorite college football team! .....and while I am at it....


Autzen's The Place To Be...

GirlNOTE: The below was written in 2008. AS of June 2010 we became the PAC 12.  Substitute Colorado for Boise St below and you have my view of how the conference should be split for football.

It's good to know we are getting closer to the real deal as of 2014....


Let's Get To a Playoff in College Football - Fairly

We continue to hear noise about the Mythical National Championship in football.  I have lived in North Carolina since 1996 and see first hand how having a Conference Championship strengthens the conference. The
SEC - I believe - was the first to go there followed soon after by the Big was, in my opinion, the right step and is the best first step in getting to a true NC.

(Acknowledging, here, that I LOVE that the PAC 10 is currently the only conference to play a complete round-robin and therefore deliver the ONLY true Conference Champion. That would have to be the trade-off for getting to a true National Champ while preserving the excitement and pageantry that is the Bowl System... )

But we need to preserve the Bowl System.  AND we need the Pac10 to get moving on expansion. {See Joe Pa's recent recognition}.  Here is my solution. Make me King.  I'll make it happen.


Boise St ( or BYU )


Arizona St

ACC / SEC / BIG 12 / PAC 10 / BIG EAST / BIG 10  and two "at large"

Seed them and play on New Year's day..have a "plus2 [reseed]" following these games and there you have actual National Champ!